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Effortless way to discover top service providers for projects.

This is Feedbax

This is Feedbax

Feedbax is the go-to guide for selecting top service providers in Tech, IT, Design, Online Marketing, and Advertising. We analyze and evaluate thousands of providers to help clients find the best IT service providers, digital agencies, design firms, and marketing agencies for their projects.

Feedbax by the Numbers

With our comprehensive and up-to-date market data, we consistently help you find the ideal provider for your project.

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What drives us?

In the corporate world, there is no doubt that there is information that must be kept confidential for good reasons. But successful projects and customer feedback should not be among them. High-quality customer reviews and testimonials are invaluable to both clients and vendors.


By providing relevant provider data and verified customer reviews, we create much-needed transparency in the digital services industry. Because we believe that trust is not gained through obfuscation, but through openness and authenticity.

We firmly believe that the success of digital service projects is not based solely on expertise and know-how, but just as much on a solid relationship of trust and effective collaboration between clients and service providers.


We create an environment based on trust and constructive collaboration from the very beginning.


We are convinced that our platform helps digitization projects to be implemented more successfully and efficiently.

Your digitization projects deserve decisions based on solid facts, not gut feelings. At Feedbax, we promote transparency and offer you a safe path to qualified contract decisions. Together, we transform challenges into tangible successes.

Provider Directories

Provider Directories

Our platform offers numerous provider directories, grouped by their expertise and specialties. The ranking within our directories is based on the Feedbax Score, which is individually calculated for each company profile in each directory. The higher the score, the better the placement in the respective directory.

The Feedbax Score incorporates multiple factors with varying weights to optimally sort the directories by the quality of company profiles. These factors include:

  • Number of relevant references: References in the field of app development significantly impact the ranking in the app development directory.
  • Reviews: More recent reviews carry more weight. A 5-star review from a week ago can contribute up to 10 times more to the Feedbax Score than a review from two years ago.
  • Percentage value of expertise: Providers that focus solely on app development, for example, are more relevant in the app development directory.
Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Our evaluation matrix provides comprehensive answers to critical questions to determine which providers are trustworthy and possess the necessary expertise for your specific projects.

This includes criteria such as:

  • Services rendered
  • Project budget
  • Project duration
  • Project planning
  • Project execution
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • ROI
  • Industry, company size, and client location

Additionally, we verify each customer review to create a reliable foundation for transparency and trust between clients and service providers. Depending on the need, we collect and document evidence of the actual business relationship between the reviewers and the providers.

Feedbax is your compass in the world of professional partnerships. With clarity, simplicity and passion, we bring clients and service providers together. Because making the right choice should be less of a process and more of an aha moment full of joy and security.

Armin Vakilpour

Founder & CEO of Feedbax

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