FAQs for Buyers

Frequently asked questions and answers for B2B customers


Why Feedbax?

B2B service providers have so far mostly only been able to use simple and cross-industry portals to obtain customer ratings. Such simple star ratings, as they are already known, are easily manipulated and not very meaningful. Therefore, they are at most acceptable for very small agencies with low order volumes.

From experience, we know that B2B ratings for services around cost-intensive digitization projects are only relevant if they are verified and meaningful and take into account important aspects for the implementation of such projects on the part of the provider.

As an independent platform, we focus on only a few services. These include IT, online marketing, design as well as custom development. This allows us to provide the necessary depth for your reviews.

Furthermore, we personally take care of your reviews (e.g. through interviews), which allows us to:

minimize the effort for you as a reviewer;
carefully check and verify each customer review received;
ensure the necessary quality of the reviews;
enable qualified B2B purchasing decisions for you.

However, the best B2B platform is only half as good without your authentic and meaningful voice. Let us benefit from our experience together. Feel free to schedule an interview with us. We'll take care of the rest for you.

Will I be contacted by the Feedbax team after submitting my feedback?

As soon as your feedback is published, we will inform you about it by email.

For verification purposes, we may contact you briefly by email or phone if necessary.

Can I edit my feedback after it is published?

As soon as your feedback is published, you will be informed about it by email. You can request minimal changes within one week after the review is published. To do so, please send us your change requests by email to feedback[ät]feedbax.de.

Where will my feedback appear?

Your feedback will appear in the provider's company profile under "Feedbax".

Do I have to disclose the project costs?

In order to attribute the merit to the provider in relation to the project costs, we will ask you for it.

For this, you can select "Confidential" in the online form if you do not want to disclose the project costs. You can also simply tell us during a phone interview with our team.

When am I allowed to provide feedback to a provider?

To provide feedback to a vendor, the following requirements must be met:

  • The specified project was actually implemented by the selected vendor for the reviewer's company.
  • The reviewer is not a former employee of the vendor.
  • The reviewer does not currently work for the vendor and does not have any financial interest with the endor company.
  • The reviewer has held a client-side decision-making role during the implementation of the project.
  • Only one review may be submitted per project and customer.

Can I evaluate a project in progress?

Yes, they can also evaluate ongoing projects. However, in such cases, the start of the project would have to be at least 3 months ago.

Is the use of the platform for the purpose of searching for providers free of charge for me?

Yes, as a buyer you can use all the features of the platform for your supplier search free of charge. A membership is not necessary for this.

How often can I contact a provider?

You can contact a provider as often as you like via the contact form in his profile. However, you have to wait 48 hours after each contact request to be able to send a new request via the contact form.

What distinguishes "Services" from "Focus Areas"?

Focus areas deepen the expertise of the provider in the respective services.

E-commerce development, for example, is a service offered by a service provider. To this end, the provider can define its focus from one or more of the following points:


With the help of focus areas you can optimally narrow down your vendor search.

Why are some categories listing both services and focus areas?

In such cases, the selected category is a focus. In order to make the provider search more target-oriented for you, we have made the most common focal points available for selection as a service category.

The focus areas are displayed as a percentage, analogous to the services of the providers, so that you can find the providers for your project requirements who also focus on the focal point you are looking for.

Cookies and other technologies

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